About us

What is Export And Go!

"Export And Go International Limited" is a wholesale company dedicating exclusively to online sales. All team members from Export And Go! have extensive experience in their respective areas. Online sales, logistics, quality control, customer service, new technologies, programming and graphic design ...

When Export And Go! was born?

The concept "ExportAndGo.com" is huge project. Months and months of work, research and study were necessary to offer our customers the best service. our goal is to offer people the businesses opportunity anywhere in the world to import products Made in China without displacement or minimum orders. Thus, we may sell from just one piece at a great price and our customers need not move from your home or office.

What's behind Export And Go!?

Export And Go, LTD is a company founded by Chinese and Spanish capital. This mixture of economic and culture enable us to better meet the needs and tastes of our customers and to Know very well of the global market in order to work hard to always update with the latest news about Chinese products

Where's Export And Go!?

In the best possible place: Shenzhen, CHINA. The city of Shenzhen is the clearest example of economic and technological growth. One of the most modern China with a population of over 8 million inhabitants and a few kilometers from Hong Kong.

Who can be a customer of Export And Go!?

You, your company, your friends or family ... Everyone can be our valued customer! No need to major spending sprees or "load" and tons of containerized cargo. From Only one piece you can start importing. Want to purchase a new phone with the latest technology? Here you can. Want to make a major purchase from Export And Go! that offers even better prices?
Here you can

Can I get better prices for larger orders?

ExportAndGo.com automates for all this. You can see at any time the price as the quantity (lest we forget, starts at just 1 piece). The shopping cart is able to adjust the price to the number of units that you request and implement the bidding amount if any.

Other Special Features from ExportAndGo:

  • User levels: Basic, Silver, Gold and Diamond

Export And Go, LTD never forgets the orders you have made and we decided to reward you with VIP membership. All accounts start with the basic level and then be upgraded by the other categories according to accumulate purchases. Naturally, prices will continue to improve from a single piece, so that children can buy orders at prices that correspond to higher volumes.

  • Maintain their level of special user from other websites

Already a member of another web can buy at our online store maintaining the same level. Do you have an higher level at other online wholesaler and don't you want to start at the "Basic" level? We understand that if you are an advanced user or "VIP" anywhere else is difficult adjusting to the idea of starting from the basic level. That's why you can contact us so that we may discuss how you can start trading with the same level (or equivalent ExportAndGo.com)

Can I contact Export And Go!?

Of course. You can contact our company without any problems, We will be happy to assist you in English, Spanish or Chinese.

  • Offices and central warehouse: CHINA

Export And Go International Limited

Office 2525, Building NanGuangJieJia

No 3037 of Mid Road of ShenNan - Futian district

518033 Shenzhen - CHINA

Tlf: +86-13728858090

email: contact@exportandgo.com







  • Office Dpto. Creative y Marketing: ESPAÑA

Rúa de abaixo, 21 (Bajo)

15920 Rianxo (A Coruña)

Tfn: 0034 981 866 249 (Dep. internacional de marketing)

email: contact@exportandgo.com

  • Office Dpto. Marketing: ARGENTINA Novelty

Stock in Argentina www.importandgo.com.ar

Capital Federal - Buenos Aires


Tfn: 5491160207897 Consultations

email: contact@exportandgo.com

  • Office Representation: URUGUAY

C/ Yí, 1725/7

11800 Montevideo

Tfn: (598-2) 924 6723

email: contact@exportandgo.com

  • Office Representation: MÉXICO

En proceso...

email: contact@exportandgo.com